Friday, December 28, 2012

FY 2012 vs FY 2013

Assalammualaikum to all Blogger,

 my post today is all about the moment that happen in 2012 & up coming 2013. the date today is 29 disember 2012 for the last saturday in year 2012, so we will celebrate up coming 2013 in 2 days ago. oh my Allah, some people say that , if the year added, automatically our age will beadded also. but i the one will protest it because our aged were become older and older when the date of birth is arrived. so 2013 i will be a 22 year old not 23 years old ..haha what everla .... actually , i want to share something that really happen in 2012 in my life. it can be a happy and sad story. i started with as a final student in uitm perlis... so i will continue my final sem's with industrial training at tnb manjung , almost 5 month , i were be there. alhamdulillah , all the staff is really kind, fun, the most i like is supporting, even a lot of work i have to handle it. i really2 love and miss  them so much, aspecially to finance department. lot of people i know, like> kak norma (as my big bos),kak amy adliza, kak halimah, kak long(asfanizah), kak ju, kak mazainul, abg zul, kak lily,kak zu but En.din is quite not close because, he always not be there. thank you very much because can teach me everything , even eta is zero knowledge about a work. but the most difficulties, i have to finish my indutrial trainning with my thesis. ya ALLAH, u know what, my thesis is like a master student , it is double triple difficult for a degree level. ok nevermine , i shuould continue this until at the end. bla bla bla... finally i finish it at 6 months. FINALLLY i am freedom now...Yeahhh.... after that, i am unemployed. there is a influsion, that i want to continue my study as master level. but i do not have a heart to see my parents to struggle to find a money. moreover, they are more older now. so i choose to find work. almost 3 months, i as a unemployed person. so bored okey. one day, one of my lovely sister at tnb manjung says that tnb post a advertisement that tnb want a PEP 42. (program executive pelatih) so immediately, i try. so my name on the list that should be attend to first stage. oh my Allah, so difficult okey. it seem like a MUET sessions. 3 weeks after that i werebe inform in email, that i fail to the next stage. u know, my feel that time, like want to cry like a baby. but i withstand not to to that. because the failure is not the end of life. so i pray i will find another job. one day , i saw my email show that, all the failure in first stage can join training at i decide to join that. moreover this program, i will get the experience job with tnb, and there is no bond because you can find another job that suitable to you. then, 1 week trainning TNB ILSAS, (institusi latihan sultan azlan shah), integrated learning solution in bandar baru bangi, selangor. then i will be posting the station2 tnb . but the most not expected , i were be posting to that trainning centre, but before this, i should be report to STESYEN JANAKUASA MANJUNG.  when i thinking back, there is point i should be in ILSAS, so i were be work there. 1 oktober 2012 i report to ilsas in finance department. u know what , i am so imprest coz i seat among with two expert executive. really2 like it coz i can learn anything with them... now, i work there almost 3 month already. but sometimes work will give me fun, sometime make me bored. what ever it is, i should strong with my new life.  the most i happy, i can spend my money to bring a gift my mom and family. ok next birthday my abah, should be spend also. my princip, always say that, my money is always for my family. repay all my parents that give me before. tvm...

okey next we talk about what to wish and desirable in 2013

1) holidays with my parents @ friends

- first should visit the malaysia area.

langkawi, kedah
negeri sembilan. port dikson



2) apply pep until success

3) owe my favourite car(white mazda 3)

4) ptptn debts

okay thats all for today..:) selamat berhujung mggu

Thursday, December 20, 2012

my mak's birthday

assalammualaikum, entry for today is all about my mom's besday. first or all, actually this is my sibling plan for weekday. my mom's besday was on 7 disember on friday but that time  , i n my sis was work. so we plan to celebrate after the next day on saturday.u know what, 1 week before i back to manjung , i don't know , what i have to buy a present for my mom... but my plan want to buy a gold ring 916. but my plan is crash....erggg because my sis is already buy it before the birthday time. ok i have to change my plan. so i decide to buy a cosmetic product for my mom. blah blah blah.... on 8 disember, the time for celebrate my mom at aeon manjung., i and my two sister was plan to spend money to celebrate at kenny ronger... before we eat, we fully around the new shopping centre aeon. the new shopping centre in manjung right.  after that is eating time...:) down here is one of the picture i enjoy together in my family. but the most sadly, my father is not together with us because busy to manage his land village. :( its ok la....
sorry the picture is not very interesting coz, not expected to catch the camera..just spontaneous

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

diet day utk 12.12.12

assalamualaikum, date ari ney 12.12.12 ... mmgla owesome kan.sbb kebykan org suka buat event tunangla, kawenla..ape2 ajelah yg boley menjadi satu igtan kat tarikh tu. so ari ni eta nak catatkan hari 12.12.12 adalah tarikh utk stop berdiet dimana akan di haramkan makan mlm.. sound like difficult right uhhh... tp kena la slowly kurangkan makan. yg paling penting bykkan minum air putih. tp taw ajekan, eta ney bukannya peminat minum air putih except klu air kosong tu sejuk... okeyla boley diminum. 
nak dibuatkan cerita pg2 dah melantak roti canai ditambah plak tea suam...oh my Allah, kate nak diet.x pe eta..slow slow ok. then tgh hari makn nak sedar eta oiii........ok xpela...
ney timetable diet food eta...i am trying to do that..hopefully 

Lunch break
jogging pun kena ada dlm list ye... ok tu ajela entry eta... 

more n more happen today...

assalammualaikum... biasalah itukan pembuka kata2 kan.. actually i want to share something yg horror sgt for my day. x taw la knp that will happen to me. blog's u must be patient if i have a lot of talking. haha ok starting from 7 december 2012
... u know what, my plan want to back manjung, just because i want to celebrate my lovely mother's besday. okey fine... continue read ok. finally 5.00 pm , so lets go back now.... my face like a blink blink coz nak jumpa parents la katakan. but the what i ticket bus blom beli...oh my Allah. u know what, only the early i get is 9 pm... sedey taw x...ape x nye, my sister is already buy it. ermm its ok.. be calm eta. aleh eta , mcm la sblom ney x penah travel balik sorang2.... mgada2 betui. hihi.. my sis ckp pi lepak kat surau. i just say okey sis. i bought one burger n one my favourite drink is ice lemon tea by season..haha actually perlu ke nak mention jenama air tu...arggg dont care about that. seconds to minutes, minutes to hour i waiting the time to back. ohh really tired right... see the people who rushing there.. urhhh. nevermind..ok my clock show 8.45pm, okey i got go... before that i want to see my account bank , whether my elaun is already have or not.. ok i see that is no number in my account. mean no money la.... huhu then proceed pi tunggu bas kat platform 9. from 9pm to 10pm , i cant see my bus arrived . huh hanginnn betuila. sampaikan ketahap nak mara management bas.. ok bl dah lama tunggu, panas...ape lg my mood come to maximum... u know what, i become a fight to that bus.. lbh2 perempuan mmg nak carut je... she say to me, that is bus PLUSLINER from puchong.... hah.... biar betui,  why another bus can reach on time . even bus kul 10 ke manjung pun dah mai, tp bus ke manjung yg pukul 9 x mai2 lg... mmg gila2 fighting la ngn org.... ok skg ney perempuan tu dah over,menengking customer... hallow my word were be, THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT.... u pls learn it. u tu budak jaga tiket bas je..nak belaagak ngn eta,baget bagus. ok stop that ....then bus pun mai. sampai je manjung kul 3 pg... really2 tired.

8 december 2012
the time to enjoy for celebrate my mother belated besday..even trlambat sehari heehe... AEON manjung dah bukak ape lg serangla... actually nak belikan mak CINCIN EMAS... tp my sister dah belikan dulu...owh no nak beli ape plak ney... adoi.. x pela kite celebrate besday mak dgn makan2 kat kenny rogers dulu la.... really fun klu kuar ngn abah plak x de skali sbb sebuk ngn perusahaan getah n sawit. x pela. mcm x best la , sbb besday mak x bg ape2... nantila eta pikir nak beli ape erk...enjoy dl hehe

9 december 2012
time yg paling x suka sbb kena balik KL. x puas la cuti kali ney..huhu etaaaa..... u must work work work ok
mcm biasa mak n abah tetap akan hantar pi bas station.. even time matrik n U dulu pun mcm tu. really love u all.... penah trsentap bl mak ckp kat depan , mak rase happy bl dengar anak2 nak balik hari jumaat.... tp bl nak balik KL rase sedey je... Ya Allah mak, eta klu boleh nak dekat ngn disebabkan kerja, eta trpaksa balik jgk. kul3.10 pm , eta balik KL dah...u know what , i choose that bus again. sbb2 pilh bus tu bukan suka tp pikir senang balik sbb turun kat kl sentral mean x payah la amek train 2 kali. ok taw x, bus tu bawakkk laju gila nak mati. tang slekoh laju gila,  x tawla knp..ape yg dikejar pun x taw. dlm pejalanan tu berdoa je byk2. hanya Allah yg taw. dah la Jam kat gopeng n kt sg buloh....mmg la kan smpai lambat.dlm kul10 mlm. adoiii penat nye.. sbar ye eta.balik2 je... mandi then tido...

actually eta dah beli dah hadiah kat mak..... yeay...balik time chrismas ney nak bg... u know what... eta sanggup abeskan gaji semata2 utk family, sbb bl time kecil dulu, mak n abah la yg paling susah nak bg kite hidup, makn n minum. skg ney biarla eta plak membelas nye. even x sbrapa pun. i trying to give a smile to my parents. entahla trlalu sgt2 syg kat depa.... selagi bernyawa, selagi itulah eta akan balas jasa mereka.... itulah mak n abah... :)
ney ha..hadiah nak bg kat mak...x packaging lg ney... mak tgh cari produk yg sesuai utk muka eta try produk ney... :) smoga mak suka... 

Friday, November 30, 2012

my expectation to reality

 i am Nurul Mashitah Bt Mokhtar as a degree holder from university teknologi mara, Arau Perlis... in bachelor of business administration in finance. Now i work at TNB integrated learning solution (ILSAS) Bangi,selangor as a trainee in finance department. Hopefully will be absorb after 6 month to be a executive training the program of PEP.... insyaallah....usaha tangga kejayaan. mazda 2 i will owe u , one day.... :)

after konvo

assalammualaikum.... mggu ney x balik manjung pun sbb baru je balik last wednesday aritu. bosan la jgk sbb kena tggl sorg2 kat hostel ILSAS ney, tp x pe, bersabar je. hari ney jumaat , so muka happy la sbb esk boley bgn lewat...hehe blink blink... nak dibuatkan cite , hari ney keje sgt la byk...asik buat processing cek pembayaran aje.... x pela ikot je la... at least ade keje yg nak dibuat n blaja. pg2 td ade bacaan yaasin dgn staff2 tnb dan manager director.... lps je abes tu , time utk menjamu selera.... alamak byk nye menu hari ney... kuih muih, nasi lemak, kek pelangi, roti manis ,n buah buahn...ala camna ney nak diet, asik mkn je.... yg eta nak trjah makanan mestila kek pelangi.... kek adalah favaourite eta taw... :) then lps tu sambung la keje keje keje.....

 ermmm bla bla bla..... hari ney eta nak share something.... iaitu bilik hostel eta dah kemas n dihiasi dengan teddy bear konvo n bunga eta...makin ceria bilik eta ney.... simple but menyenangkan. even kadang2 mcm bosan je bilik tp okla.... dpt duduk free n mkn free selama disini....bersyukurla eta oii

Thursday, November 29, 2012

my convocation day

assalammualaikum, 26 nov & 27 nov actually is my big day as a degree holder. pejam celik-pejam celik dah konvo for my degree. x sangka kan, bukan senang nak abes kan degree, byk dugaan trutama bl nak bt thesis utk final sem....ya Allah punyala susah. tp x pe... people around me always bg support.alhamdulillah. almost 3 year , eta stay kat perlis utk jd graduan uitm. rindu saat2 belajar dulu.

on 25 nov 2012, pukul9 dah gerak dr manjung ke taiping. singgah dulu umah akak. lps tu selepas solat zohor trus gerak pi perlis. sampai dlm pukul 5.30 ptg then trus serbu homestay kangar. tq mohd redzuan coz helping me to find the homestay n also tq jgk sbb sanggup tunjuk kan jalan ke homestay.. even kenai dlm fb je...hehe so aktiviti utk hari yg sama, just rehat kat homestay. relaxing day. so far homestay sgt selesa cuma dapur kurang memuaskan.yg best every room ade aircond...hik hik

26 nov 2012 sesi utk pengambilan jubah pukul 8.30pg. pi sorg2 je, family stay kat homestay je ....lps tu, sampai2 je kat uitm,wah x sangka jumpa ramai n betapa rindu nye kat ex classmate. beratur punyalah x pe bersabar je..walaupun panas n berpeluh2. neyla suasana amek jubah.... beratur pjg...

lps amek je jubah trus balik...rushing wooo...sbb family nak kuar jalan2 pi padang besaq... penat gila dahla x mkn breakfast lg... sampai2 kat homestay jd kebulur plak....nasib ade nasi lemak tggl satu. after that siap2 nak kuar dah..... time to happy with my family....:) lps shopping , balik singgah mkn tgh ari dekat arau je.

on 27 nov, the time for my convocation day... kul8 gerak pi uitm... just only my dad and my mom.... ramaila jgkk.... parents di annouced boley masuk dewan dah. n eta plak pi podium utk taklimat trakhir utk naek pentas. takottt ok, this is my first time naek pentas utk konvo ok. x pela.... truskan jgk walaupun dah ketaq lutut bak kata org kedah...hehe akhirnye nama aku telah pun trpanggil atas pentas..seriusly eta jd blur bl atas pentas...yg paling penting , x nak berlaku jatuh tangga or tersadung time atas pentas....malu kot....  ape prasaan korang bl nama kite announce seperti ini, ijazah sarjana muda pertadbiran perniagaan kepujian kewangan, graduan NURUL MASHITAH BT MOKHTAR... masa tu eta rase mcm nak nanges pun ade sbb x sangka akhirnye cite2 eta nak dpt kan ijazah trcapai jgk dlm usia 22 tahun.alhamdulillah.... bukan tu je... my family is not a rich person....sbb kami mmg hidup serba sederhana... lbh2 lg my parents, mak n abah bukanla berpelajaran. my dad seorang tukang kebun or pekerja rendah awan dekat sekolah kebangsaan n pada yg sama mgusahakan kebun getah sendiri & my mom plak seorg pembuat kuih n jual kuih , pada yg sama mak penah keja kat skolah teknik. utk membantu keluarga. i am not shame because of my family. mmg reality family eta bukan la family mcm org laen yg ade pangkat n rumah yg besar. dr kecil sampai la besar, eta dibesarkan keluarga yg sederhana... but yg paling eta banggakan dr mak n abah ialah berusaha utk memberi ilmu yg trbaek utk anak2.... even not enough money to give the education. but the support from them , eta become a successful today...  tq abah & mak. yg lebih membanggakan....anak2 mak n abah semua nye berjaya masuk ke Universiti dan merasa hari konvokesyen. yong- mahsa college, atie-universiti teknolgi malaysia, ami-universiti teknikal melaka , and eta-universiti teknology mara,perlis. alhamdulillahhhh.... now..... i am a degree holder already......

Monday, July 9, 2012

hari berdiet

SeMaNgAt BeRdIeT bErMuLa HaRI InI 9 jUlY 2012.... BgN2 paGi je DlM KuL 10, tRus ShAke JusmAte5...

10 pAgI-ShAke JusMaTE5
2 PeTaNg- RoTi+ MusHroOm sOuP vOnO
6.30pEtaNg- APpLE.

KoSoNg KoSoNG.....

wElCoMe bACk To NuRuL MaShItAH bLoGgER.....:)

actually dah 3 mggu abes intern kat TNB....really really miss that moment at tnb.... ape2 pun let bygone be bygone..... so skg ney dah hep hep horay sbb no more jadi student..dah. thesis pun dah anta n settle done with my degree. mmg hati nak sgt2 sambung master tp just stop for awhile sbb financial x kukuh lg so lets find the job first ok. skg ney duk umah je gaya nye....sbg pembantu suri rumah fulltime for my parents.. pembantu la sgt dalam masa yg sama apply jgk keja.... slow2 nak cari keja nye k.... 

setiap org mesti ada masalah kan...x kira lah masalah itu besar atau kecik yg penting kena pandai urus kan... klu x pandai urus, nanti diri sendiri yg susah... dan trmasuk lah aku, kadang2 dah fedup sgt2 dgn masalah sbb bertubi2 dtg nye masalah. dari satu masalah ke masalah laen. kalau dipikir kan , umo dah masuk 22 tahun, so kena lah pandai berpikir terhadap orang laen jgk. x boley la pentingkan diri sendiri. mmg aku akui, kadang2 eta ney pun ade jgk tr lepas ataw terover ckp... so sory beb. tapi makhluk Allah ney, boley abaikan je tanggungjawab ney kepada orang laen..what the.... this girl?i bought u in my car not for free. i am not a rich people. mau x nye, fully that journey, all my money yg support. baek x payah ade die. geram pun ade... tp maybe ade hikmah nye... so biarlah, eta lepas kan die didunia ney tp akhirat no komen. stop talking about that girl ok.

hari-hari mesti menghintung hari, bila la nak keja ney. bosan trsgt duk umah. nak keja nak dpt gaji hasil titik peluh sendiri. setengah person, senang je dpt ape yg depa nak kan... contoh klu dah parent kaya, kereta pun depa ley bg eta x sioookkk pon ade..sbb rase mcm tiada usaha utk dptkan ape yg kita hajat kan. its my opinion only..its up to all of u if have different opinion. heee.... 

hari ney mak ade ckp bila lah korang berdua nak kawen..... sape lg klu bukan aku ngn akak aku aje yg tinggal... sory to say mak, selagi x dpt keja ngn kereta idaman eta, never to talk about kawen... calon pn x de lg, nak ckp pasal kawen plak... if ditakdirkan, not to marrried...i accepted... nak wat camana dah xde jodoh. klu dipikirkan, kawen is much much difficult stage in life. ape x nye, zaman skg , susah nak dpt lelaki yg boley sekepala dgn pasangn. yg taw, penting kan diri sendiri ja. klu lelaki baca this statement ney mesti membara..coz depa akan ckp not all man like that... ooohhh yeah... its i care? mula2 je beria2 nak berkawan, ckp suka lah , cantek la bagai2 la.... bl dah knal girl tu.. diam seribu bahasa sbb dah bosan dgn girl tu. ohh really....erkkk. pengalaman dgn sorang mamat ney, mula2 ok lah.... really sacrified time n money just want to find my shoes for my intern...fuyoooo pusing satu pusat bandar...gila lah mamat ney.. siap tolong bayaq kan... but then bl dah kenal that girl mostly 5 month, pandai menengking, or marah2.. i give u 3 times only. u can mad or argue me..tetiba ckp eta ney kuat bebel. halow... i am to be what i want to be. mmg x dinafikan, klu dlm keta, eta akan trlebey ckp , paling2 benci klu senyap je...baek x payah kuar same. thats me. jgn nak pandai change eta. klu x suka ckp x suka, x payah nak ubah plak. itulah riwayat seorg laki.. so skg ney mmg dah rase menjelik kan, cinta cinta or kawen kawen ney. kadang2 tu rase mcm x payah kawen lahhh, tp dosalah plak, so tukar ayat jd, klu ade jodoh kawen, x de jodoh i will single forever n ever. fullstop...rekaan crita semata2.... :p 


tomorrow >>> pagi2 lg kena out , sbb nak pi sitiawan nak tanye job vacancy.. 
               >>>> 12.30 tgh ari, bertolak pi taiping, then gerak pi kelantan dah.... 

more2 far away from my home, so hopefully will be safe. aminn....

Friday, March 9, 2012

ape lg eta la.....

sabtu yeay... cuti.. dah 5 ari x updates blog... mau x nye, busy kat tempat keje sbb audit dtg nak pantau bahagian kawalan kredit..... smlm dah pon closing audit. lega la...staff tnb. keje mcm biasa bt refunndddddddddd je then tgk payment dr akaun pengguna.
so nila ari2 yg kena bt.... everything di penuhi dgn kertas2.....

check payment tp mmg la x de sbb nie senarai terunggak rm200 keatas

semalam time blik dr lunch...tgk2 ade note...haha lawak pon ade.... 

semalam time blik dr lunch...tgk2 ade note...haha lawak pon ade.... 

the end......

Friday, March 2, 2012

jumaat yeay

dah hari jumaat.... hari banyakkkkkkkk sgt2 keje nye...ponat aden.... mls nak gambar keje ari ni.... yg penting ari ni pakai bj corprate uitm..... :)

   smole always......